Fontenay Le Comte

Visiting Fontenay-le-Comte


City of art
and history

A town of art and history, Fontenay-le-Comte is built on a hillside, making it a defensive town thanks to its dominant position. With its glorious past, it was during the Renaissance that the town enjoyed its best years. Most of its monuments were built during this period. These include the Château de Terre-Neuve, the Quatre-Tias fountain and the town houses.

michelin guide 2020

The town was voted Coupe de Coeur by the Michelin Guide in 2020 for its beauty and architectural wealth. Fontenay-le-Comte also boasts a number of other tourist labels, proving that the town is well known and recognised as a major tourist destination in the Vendée and Western France in general. Must-sees include the Fontenay-le-Comte museum, the Beaux Esprits town house, Notre-Dame church and, of course, the Quatre-Tias fountain, the town's emblem. 

Visiting Fontenay Le Comte is a refreshing change of scenery. 

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