Poitevin Marsh

Marais Poitevin hotel


the green venice

A unique feature of the region, the Marais Poitevin is an ecological treasure trove and a feast for the eyes. A succession of painters' pictures awaits you on your walks. You can visit on foot or by bike, but for total immersion, nothing beats a boat trip. Situated between the departments of Vendée, Charente-Maritime and Deux-Sèvres, the Marais Poitevin is nicknamed the Green Venice. A succession of green canals covered in duckweed are the source of its charm and uniqueness.

An ecosystem
to protect

As a Regional Nature Park and Grand Site de France, the marsh is highly protected. The Park is working to safeguard its flora and fauna, as well as restoring and promoting its heritage and this fragile ecosystem. The Marais Poitevin shows off its beauty throughout the day, taking on different faces depending on the light.

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